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It's a new era

Qurails - Powered by GOELST: In 2022 the time has come to start with a fresh new look & feel. The past decade has come with a lot of new changes in the industry, also technology-wise. Our old Goelst brand has been good to us, but right now it's time for a change. We keep the years of experience in creating and reviewing our products in the highest quality possible, but under our new brand name.

This is the Qurails logo Powered by Goelst

Stronger together

In May 2013, Goelst became a sister company of STAS picture hanging systems.

Since then, Goelst has been given a new life under the name Goelst NL. The employees in Ede, with their years of experience and expertise, are of course always at your service, ready for your questions.

STAS picture hanging systems (sister company) was founded in 1995 by the brothers Rien and André Stas and is now active worldwide. The head office is located in Eindhoven. They provide multifunctional hanging systems and hanging accessoires for walls and ceilings. They develop, manufacture and distribute safe and flexible hanging solutions for a wide range of wall objects. These can include both decorative objects (paintings, drawings) and practical items (whiteboards, coat hooks, mirrors). Our goal is to offer people freedom as they use and decorate their walls. Sustainable building management and cost savings are key in their approach.

Qurails - Powered by GOELST



In 2009 the GOELST logo was rebranded. At the time, a clean looking font was chosen. 

Which you can still see in our 2013 rebranding.


Goelst moved to Ede

Since 1988 GOELST has been located in Ede, the geographical - and easily accessible - center of the Netherlands.

This milestone was a reason for a new logo and name We keep the years of experience in creating our products in the highest quality possible, but under our new name: Qurails - Powered by GOELST


International company

Under the motto 'top quality at an acceptable price', Goelst began to look beyond his own national borders in the mid-1980s.

This internationalization made it necessary to baptize the sole proprietorship into a private limited company and since then we have been located in Ede, the geographically - and easily accessible - center of the Netherlands.

An in-house product development department has given us the opportunity to put great emphasis on innovation. For example, in 2001 Goelst was the very first curtain rail manufacturer to market a quiet, electrically operated systems. The company now has a whole series of innovative products in its range that are frequently copied by competitors but never equaled. 

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Where it all began back in the day

Goelst started in 1978 as a sole proprietorship in interior products.

 Already after a year the company expanded the range with a curtain rail program under the name G-Rail. In the years that followed, Goelst grew into a respected company, expanding the range of curtain rails and the products became more advanced. In the healthcare sector, we became the standard supplier for separation rail, a role that the company still fulfills to this day.